Timetables. Walking. Sitting. Standing. Waiting. Moving. Stopping. Going.

Schedules. Mechanical body. Chronometric body.

City’s soundscape, colors, rhythms, noises, abstractions.

Common space. Borders. Place of encounter.

Urban metabolism. Urban paraphernalia.


                Taking public transports in our urban daily life routines as a starting point, Trajectory consists of a series of long durational performances in different cities.
                 The city, as a living environment, encompasses multiple stimulus/impulses of sounds and images. How we perceive them does not only influence the way we think but also inscribe in our bodies certain rhythms and ways of moving.
               Each city has its own pace variations. Its sound and rhythm particularities embody different perceptions of time in each individual, nonetheless we are regulated by a primary time standard. 
              Trajectory experiences the modus vivendi in the spaces and places where a certain path was defined by a public transport. This journey observes and absorbs the surroundings during a certain time along a chosen route of the city’s transport map.

Trajectory #3
Sofia, 2017  
At Sofia Underground - International Performance Art Festival
Performance duration: 2:20 hours

Video: Teresa Pinto
Costume design: Rute Chaves